Leaving No One Behind - Development Assistance for all

On Friday the 29th of April the Danish Minister for Development Assistance Flemming Møller Mortensen visited the House of Disabled People’s Organisations for a talk about people with disabilities and development work; about the disability organizations development work and the potential in creating partnerships with a focus on disability.

Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark, its member organisations and the partners in the Global South works to secure the inclusion of persons with a disability; last year alone the organizations had 57 projects in 22 different countries. Working with for example accessible building standards in Uganda, they have now become law and will secure accessible building for generations to come. Working with education for all, creating a policy which is now being implemented. Creating an organization for persons with CP and engaging with others with the same type of disability, creating hope. Creating change as young person with a disability, engaging with others in the Global South.

In the Global South at least 800.000 lives with a disability, and we need to make sure that persons with a disability are considered whenever there is a development project or a humanitarian effort. Else we risk leaving persons with disabilities behind. Sometimes we need specific programs, but it is key that mainstream development programs are aware that person with disabilities are part of all parts of society and that they should be considered when planning, engaging and evaluating their activities. And in the disability movement we are ready to assist with our knowledge.

The Minister of Development Assistance spoke about the importance of the activities of the disability movement if we are to ensure development work for all, where we ensure that no-one is left behind. But he also recognized, that if we are serious about Leaving No One Behind, it is not a one-time thing, it is something we should consider in all our work.

Sif Holst

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