Disability and The EU

In May of this year, I participated in a meeting arranged by the Danish youth Organization European Youth. The purpose of the meeting was in the context of the EU becoming increasingly a social union to examine different measures taken pertaining to disability rights within the framework of the European Union.

The session was part of a regular format in the organization where they meet on Wednesdays, listen to a talk on a specific topic concerning the EU and subsequently debating that specific topic.

On the 20th of April the Danish organisation European Youth invited Sif Holst for a discussion on Disability and the EU.

What kinds of initiatives are being taken within the framework of the EU concerning the rights of people with disability? And what are the daily challenges for people with disabilities living in the EU and what actions are needed? And are there any specific concerns pertaining to human rights that the EU should address.

It became an engaging evening with topics such as The EU Disability Strategy, Union of Equality and The European Social Pillar, but also about the discrimination experienced by persons with disabilities, for example discrimination in the workplace. The challenges students with a disability face if they want to study in another EU quarter. How the EU Blue Badge and the planned disability card can make a difference and how we create change working together with for example engineering-students on Universal Design and Technology Leaving No One Behind.

The group was astounded by the current challenges and enthusiastically interested in learning more.

Sif Holst

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