Chair of the Danish Knowledge Centre on Disability

Last week I had the honor of taking over as chair of the Danish Knowledge Centre on Disability.

The Danish Knowledge Center on Disability works to ensure that people with disabilities have better opportunities to live an active life and experience full participation in society. They gather knowledge, develop practice and advise on adapted movement, education, rehabilitation, and how to further develop an inclusive labor market.

For too long people with disabilities were hidden away and were ascribed little or no value to their communities. That is why our societies now lack accessibility and inclusion which in turn results in unfair and unnecessary barriers for people with disabilities. But if we are to change that we must also be able to point toward the solutions.

And this is exactly what the Danish Knowledge Center on Disability does with its evidence-based practice development and knowledge-sharing.
I look forward to continuing supporting the center, now as chair.

Sif Holst

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