Meeting with the Ukranian disability organization "Fight for Right"

By Sif Holst

On the 15th of March 2022 I met with these amazing women from the Ukrainian disability organisation Fight For Right.
They have fled their homeland, with the clothes on their back, but not much else. And yet their focus is on their organisation and on helping more Ukrainians with a disability to flee the war.

They are looking for money, assistive devices, to those who need to flee without, accessible transportation, for example a wheelchair accessible bus to help more to flee and more volunteers who can help with the efforts.

Their story, the stories from their organisation, brings attention to the needs of people with a disability on the run. The lack of accessible bomb shelters, evacuation centers and transportation. The lack of accessible communication from the authorities and the necessary assistance. That the big humanitarian aid organisations and the public humanitarian efforts needs to secure aid to persons with disabilities.

The situation in Ukraine also highlights the need for increased attention on accessible evacuation plans in countries like Denmark and the urgency of looking to the needs of refugees with a disability, ensuring accessible housing, medical equipment, transportation, rehabilitation and so on. All those things we all need.
– even though these extraordinary women hesitate to ask anything for themselves.

Read more about the organisation Right for fight and how to support them, here:

Sif Holst

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