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Accessible tourism identified as “game changer” for destinations

Inclusivity at the center of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Inclusive Recovery Guides.

Tourism for All taps into a growing market of senior travellers and data shows an average higher spend from tourist with disabilities. An inclusive tourism strategy, with training and a focus on creating accessible destinations is important. And tools such as #universaldesign #universalcourtesy and #EasyDoesIt can create new opportunities for all.

Film Handicap Aves Masques UK

“A commitment towards a more inclusive and sustainable society, where our differences represent an asset at the service of the community”.

A strong statement by Orange and underlined with this beautiful video with statements from employees with a disability.

Employing people with disabilities create new opportunities, both for those employed and their families, but also for the company, which is strengthened by the diversity.


Strong focus on girls and women with disabilities as the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) publish their Concluding observations on the ninth periodic report of Denmark. The CEDAW Committee recommends urgent measures to address the high rate of cases of sexual violence committed against women with disabilities, in particular intellectual and psychosocial disabilities. There are also recommendations of improving the inclusion of girls with disabilities in the mainstream education system, a concern about the low participation of women with disabilities on the labour market and targets to increase the participation of women with disabilities in free national cancer screenings.

I am very proud to have been a part of the process in leading up to these observations and look forward to a continued focus in these important topics.

A seat at the table, is vital to secure the necessary changes.

The White House shows the way by appointing the first disability policy director who will sit at the Domestic Policy Council. This is done to insure that Americans with disabilities are priorities, also those with temporary or permanent disabilities caused by COVID-19.

This is a strong message and an important step when it comes to #BuildingBackBetter

An inclusive digital economy for people with disabiliities

“Research carried out by the World Economic Forum showed that more inclusive companies achieved “28% higher revenue, double the net income and 30% higher economic profit margins on average over the four-year period analysed””

Need inspiration for some Easter reading? Try taking a look at this report.

Right to vote

Our democracy is important. The right to vote, to be heard is vital, in order to feel a part of society.

And yet we have too many persons with a disability who are excluded, from the right itself or because of barriers.

This was the topic I spoke about on this Nordic webinar on Democracy and Disability, which is now available here.

A Nordic focus on the CRPD Committee

The 2020 annual report from the Council of Nordic Cooperation on Disability has been published, and on page 24-29 there is an article (in Swedish) on the CRPD Committee and the candidature of Sif Holst, as a member of the Council.

Hearing on EU’s Disability Strategy

On June 1st the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) holds an online hearing on the EU Disability Strategy 2021-2031. Sif Holst will as a member of the Committee moderate the debate on the Point of view of Civil Society. The deadline for registration for this hearing is May 31st at noon.