About Me

Sif Holst is an accomplished disability rights advocate with in-depth knowledge of disability issues and practical experience in developing solutions as well as strong analytical and problem-solving skills. She is respected among researchers, politicians, officials, civil society lead – ers and persons with disabilities alike, leading by example and lifting up those around her. Sif is focused on collaboration, within the disabil – ity movement, but also with representatives from local and national governmental agencies and with other civil society actors, achieving the best results through mainstreaming and creating new paths. She is experienced working in an international setting, with strong Nordic and European ties, through Nordic Council and the EESC and with a history of Development work in the Global South. Sif inspires, using CRPD as an instrument for change. She contributed to the 2006 Anthology “Children and youth in development work” about children and youth with disability and the CRPD convention, even before the CRPD was adopted. She inspires as a woman with a disability, overcoming obstacles through-out her life and still always with a friendly and calm approach to people. She shows how a person with a disability is so much more than the disability, contributing to society, showing why we should strive towards providing everyone with opportunities and leaving no one behind.

Proven track record

Disability rights advocate for the past 20 years, serving on a large number of boards and committees including vice-chair Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark, vice-chair Knowledge Center about Disability, board member CABI better work for all.

Proven track record achieving success through cooperation with States and civil society on subjects such as equal health, universal design, independent living, inclusive education and labour market. Experienced working locally, nationally and internationally.

From being an exchange student in Indonesia, undertaking development work in Ghana and Uganda, being member of the European Economic and Social Committee and the Nordic Disability Council.

As one of the World’s oldest federations of organisations of persons with disabilities, DPOD has since 1934 effectively represented its member organisations, amounting today to 35 and thereby around 340,000 persons with disabilities. DPOD is known as a significant voice in achieving rights of persons with disabilities in Denmark as well as in supporting partner organisations of persons with disabilities in African and Asian countries.

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