We need to secure the foundation.

Press-release on the CRPD nomination
On May xx the Ministry of Social Affairs and Senior Citizens published this press release on Sif Holst as a candidate to the 2023 election to the CRPD Committee.
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Hearing on EU's Disability Strategy
On June 1st the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) holds an online hearing on the EU Disability Strategy 2021-2031. Sif Holst will as a member of the Committee moderate the debate on the Point of view of Civil Society. The deadline for registration for this hearing is May 31st at noon.
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A Nordic focus on the CRPD Committee
The 2020 annual report from the Council of Nordic Cooperation on Disability has been published, and on page 24-29 there is an article (in Swedish) on the CRPD Committee and the candidature of Sif Holst, as a member of the Council.
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My Vision

The pandemic has shown us, that even if the CRPD has celebrated it’s 10th anniversary, we still have a long way to go. We need to get back to basics and secure the foundation.

Whether we work with education or employment for all, with arts and culture, with access to health or social services, with transportation or something else, we need to secure the following 3 elements:

– Persons with disabilities and their organisations must have a seat at the table

– Accessibility is a prerequisite for equal access

– To achieve equality – we need to pay attention to the differences


Proven track record

Disability rights advocate for the past 20 years, serving on a large number of boards and committees including vice-chair Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark, vice-chair Knowledge Center about Disability, board member CABI better work for all.

Proven track record achieving success through cooperation with States and civil society on subjects such as equal health, universal design, independent living, inclusive education and labour market. Experienced working locally, nationally and internationally.

From being an exchange student in Indonesia, undertaking development work in Ghana and Uganda, being member of the European Economic and Social Committee and the Nordic Disability Council.

About Me

I am a woman born with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. For more than 20 years I have been a wheelchair user and a disability rights advocate. I have experienced discrimination and many obstacles, but I also had opportunities to raise myself up and to work for change on an individual, local, national and international level.

As one of the World’s oldest federations of organisations of persons with disabilities, DPOD has since 1934 effectively represented its member organisations, amounting today to 35 and thereby around 340,000 persons with disabilities. DPOD is known as a significant voice in achieving rights of persons with disabilities in Denmark as well as in supporting partner organisations of persons with disabilities in African and Asian countries.

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